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Control your brand
Easily Promote One-time or Recurring Donations
Encourage more donors to become lifelong supporters with recurring giving options. Donors can split larger donations over multiple months or create a recurring monthly donation that is automatically processed with the credit card of their choice
Let Donors Cover Your Costs
With the option for your donors to cover transaction fees, their entire donation goes directly to your organization, helping you raise more. Our nonprofits say that over 40% of donors decide to pay with credit card processing fees when they donate for a fundraising campaign.
Unlimited Campaigns
Create beautifully branded, compelling campaign pages for any ask, need or audience. Design a completely custom experience for your supporters.
Own your donation data
Gain valuable insights to help optimize your fundraising efforts using your own organization's data. Charity giving dashboard helps you get the most out of your donation data.

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Harness the power of social media to spread your story and get more support.

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