Help Educate 5 Orphaned Children in Syria
The campaign aims to educate five orphans who are living in harsh humanitarian conditions in the refugee camps in northern Syria, and provide them with a healthy environment and remote learning tools.


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Help Educate 5 Orphaned Children in Syria

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Iman, Sedra, Kafa, Mohammed, and Khaled are children who were forced to live without their parents. Missing the affection of their mother and father. They have taken refuge in makeshift tents where poverty, hunger, cold, and lack of education are rampant.

Maryam, Kafa

They had to abandon their schools due to their displacement to these fabric-weak shells of a home lacking access to schools and far from educational centers. They are now facing a dark future as ignorance prevails over them due to their disconnection from their education.

It is time to make a difference. Unleash the power of learning and provide poor students with the resources they need to succeed.

Masarat with 20 teachers supporting them along the way

The campaign will provide these poor orphans with free education and reach them in their tents and places of displacement. We will have 20 teachers supervising them, and provide them with remote learning tools, including internet, tablet devices, electricity, and appropriate learning conditions. We will also walk with them toward a brighter future where they can rely on themselves.

$200 is capable of changing the future of a child whose simplest dreams were to hold a pen and read a book

Our orphans need you to light their path and fill their hearts with hope. Will you answer our call?

$200 is capable of changing the future of a child whose simplest dreams were to hold a pen and read a book. By supporting an orphan child, you may open the gates of heaven and be with our beloved Prophet as he said, "I and the sponsor of an orphan will be in Paradise like these two."

Your donation today will be a continuous charity that will last a lifetime.

Masarat: A non-profit organization that provides free educational services to Syrian children. It focuses on the most vulnerable groups in the community. Since its launch at the end of 2019, around 18,000 students have benefited from its free services.
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