Teach 250 Students Inside Their Camp - Take Education Direct To Them!
Teach 250 Students Inside Their Camp - Take Education Direct To Them!


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Teach 250 Students Inside Their Camp - Take Education Direct To Them!

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Because we don’t want the conditions of the camps to deprive them from their rights of education, we launched this urgent campaign to teach 250 students inside their tents, your sadaqah and donation today will wipe off the dust of ignorance.
Terrible situation and camps without education! 
Over 216.000 dropout students in the north-west of Syria, a large proportion of them reside in the camps, where no equipped-schools, electricity or appropriate conditions to continue their education. Children leave learning to work outside and support their families. This threaten of giving a complete unlearned generation in the region and this means a future catastrophe to them and their families.
Masarat Initiative didn’t leave them to their fate!
Masarat Initiative adopted the principle of distance learning in its project, via using the internet web to enable this project to reach most dropout students groups directly, and supporting them  to follow their school education with all stages. And solving the problem of the absence of schools where these children live, especially camps. In addition, the initiative worked hard to deliver the basic needs to teach some of those students, including stationery, internet service to enable them during their study.
Your generosity today means a prosper future for them! 
Ensuring education for the random camps students is our goal in this campaign. Your support will enable us to secure the complete learning services for 250 dropout students. These services don’t only provide distance learning, but they also give what they need during the academic year, such as stationery, internet services electric power, solar panels and batteries.
You donation with 50 USD dollar, means that you could guarantee  education to one student for one month.
Your granting today with 130 USD dollars, means that you could provide all the educational services accompanying to this demand, such as the internet, electricity and stationery for a one year. 
Donate today and take part in making the change and building a prosper future to the students who suffered from the bitterness of the war