Urgent appeal: help those affected by the earthquake in Syria
We helped provide for the needs of 100 families affected by the earthquake in northern Syria


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Urgent appeal: help those affected by the earthquake in Syria

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On February 6, 2023, an earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria, killing and injuring more than 20,000 people.

Watch the video:

Imagine sleeping on a warm bed, and suddenly waking up under the rubble!  Hundreds of families found themselves homeless, after the recent humanitarian disaster!

The number of earthquake victims is still rising.

Thousands of casualties, hundreds of destroyed buildings, many missing under the rubble

The recent earthquake damaged more than 100 homes of families of our students in Masarat.

Some of them lost their home, some of them lost their families, and some of them became homeless!

Under the rubble, dreams are buried, and hopes die.

Through this campaign, we will provide a quick and emergency response, and try to secure them in homes, in addition to providing food aid and transportation.

We are unable to describe the disaster, the pain is great, and the losses are many, so will we remain spectators from afar, helpless and sad?

Shall we leave them alone?!

Our duty today is to stand with them, and be their support in this difficult time.

Donate to the campaign and contribute to alleviating their pain.
Your donation will save a family from the rubble