Audheya Uganda 2023
We help you to reach with your sacrifice the faraway places where there are very poor families in bad need for this meat to enjoy Adha Eid the way we do.


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Audheya Uganda 2023

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With the help of our generous donors, our plan is to help all the poor, orphans, widows, new Muslims, the Rohingya people and the people in dire need in remote villages in Uganda, who suffer from extreme poverty.

Those are the people who will receive your Sacrifice (Udhiyah) on Eid Al-Adha.

للفقراء والمساكين والايتام والأرامل والمسلمين الجدد وأكثر الناس استحقاقاً بالقرى النائية بأوغندا وهم في فقر مدقع طوال حياتهم…
هؤلاء هم من ستصل إليهم اضحيتك بإذن الله

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